Southeast Texas Subcontractor Profile – Simply Citrus Commercial Cleaning Service

Green Commercial Cleaning Vendor Southeast Texas – Simply Citrus, Beaumont TX

On today’s Southeast Texas Subcontractor Profile, we look at Simply Citrus in Beaumont, a green cleaning contractor for Southeast Texas.

They offer Southeast Texas business owners and commercial property managers and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning service.

Simply Citrus can keep your SETX commercial property looking great without harmful chemicals.

Simply Citrus cleaning company Beaumont Tx

An interview with Zachary Hamilton, Cofounder of Simply Citrus Beaumont

Zach, what caused you to get interested in a creating a green cleaning company for Southeast Texas? Southeast Texas Janitorial Service

Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of worker illnesses and cause workers to be less productive. Indoor air quality consistently ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health in Southeast Texas and nationwide.

With green cleaning, Southeast Texas commercial property owners can cut down on the amount of hazardous chemicals used which reduces the potential for spills, accidents, and potential liability claims.

Green cleaning allows our SETX commercial property managers and business owners the opportunity to do something for themselves, their workers, and to project a desirable environmental image in their community.

What is “Green Cleaning”?

Green cleaning is the efficient and effective use of cleaning practices and products that protect human health and the environment.

What are the benefits of green cleaning practices for Southeast Texas commercial property managers and business owners?

Green cleaning is not only good for your working environment; it increases workplace health and safety.

Using a green cleaning program such as ours helps to improve indoor air quality, which, in turn, leads to fewer employee sick days and higher productivity. We all know how hard it is on everyone when SETX companies are understaffed – projects run late, the morale of other employees suffers when they are asked to pick up the workload of the missing employee, and things can spiral out of control. If you can minimize sick days, it benefits your profitability. Green cleaning focuses on keeping dirt and soil out of your building and on preventive maintenance.

Green cleaning can lower overall cleaning and maintenance costs. Employees prefer to work in buildings where the owners and managers show concern for their health and well being.

Last, but not least, by implementing green cleaning with other green features such as energy efficient lighting, you can increase your Southeast Texas commercial property’s value to potential buyers and tenants.

Green Cleaning Beaumont Tx

What’s the Bottom Line- why should Southeast Texas commercial property management companies and business owners turn to green cleaning contractors?

Southeast Texas business owners and property management companies need to know how a paradigm shift such as “going green” affects the bottom line.

Contracting with a green cleaning company such as ours and integrating better practices into your everyday working environment helps to create a wider understanding of “the bottom line.” Many business owners understand the bottom line to be profit only. Green cleaning will save most companies noticeably over time, but that is just one component. Our company encourages our customers to consider sharing our commitment to a bottom line of people, planet, and profit. You’re not only saving money immediately, but you are also increasing employee productivity and limiting your corporate liability.

What Is the Simply Citrus Green Cleaning Program?

Because we’re committed to protecting human health and the environment, Simply Citrus has developed a complete green cleaning program to help our Southeast Texas commercial property managers and business owners maintain a healthy working environment.

Our green cleaning program incorporates:

  • Safer cleaning methods
  • Less toxic cleaning products
  • More efficient cleaning equipment
  • Packaging that has less impact on the environment
  • Recycled paper supplies.

First, we use microfiber cloths to keep dust from becoming airborne in your building. Second, we use microfiber mops and color coded cloths that use less water and chemicals, and help prevent cross contamination. Third, we use cleaning solutions that meet or exceed the standards set by Green Seal ( Fourth, we use vacuums that have HEPA filters to prevent dust and other contaminants from re­entering the air.

green cleaning Southeast Texas

We’ve asked you lots of questions today – what are questions your potential green cleaning clients typically ask you?commercial cleaning service Beaumont Tx

Will it be expensive to switch to green cleaning? A. No, the products used are no more expensive than traditional cleaners.

Do we have to throw away the current chemicals we have on hand? A. No, we encourage you to use up the supplies and products you have and transition to a green cleaning program. Throwing away large amounts of chemicals at once has its own impacts – environmental and financial.

Besides using different cleaning chemicals, what is involved in green cleaning? A. In our green cleaning program we train our employees to remove dirt and soil, and not just spread it around or make it airborne. We use products that are not only “green”, but are concentrated and use less packaging for reduced environmental impact. We also look at ways to keep soil out of buildings, such as more walk off mats and deeper cleaning at entryways. Additionally, we may suggest more frequent maintenance such as vacuuming so that the needed frequency for deep cleaning (i.e. carpet cleaning), is reduced.

If our readers would like to evaluate going green, how can they schedule a consultation?

Call 409.730.9399 or visit to schedule a walk through and evaluation.

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