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The Port of Beaumont, Connecting the Golden Triangle to the World

For over one hundred years, The Port of Beaumont has been connecting the Golden Triangle to the world at large.

Do you know The Port of Beaumont’s top trading partners?


  • Brazil
  • Kuwait
  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • China

That is a pretty diverse group – three continents.

With the rise Southeast Texas’ exports of fuel pellets to Europe, do not be surprised if you see a fourth continent crack the top ten soon.

What imports are currently having an impact on shipping tonnage at The Port of Beaumont?

  • Forest Products
  • Aggregate
  • Military Gargo
  • Iron and Steel
  • Industrial Construction Components
  • Wind Turbines

We are also heavily exporting goods and services across the globe through the Port of Beaumont.

Here is a look at some of the top Southeast Texas exports:

  • Bulk grain including wheat and locally grown ricePort of Beaumont, construction Port of Beaumont, News Port of Beaumont, press release Port of Beaumont
  • Pot ash (for fertilizer)
  • Forest Products
  • Military Cargo
  • Project Cargo
  • Iron and steel

It is interesting that some of the products appear both as imports and exports.

With forest products, we import hardwoods from South America and Eucalyptus from Brazil. Eucalyptus has become popular for creating high grade paper products, including super soft toilet paper and facial tissue. We export our East Texas pine and the new energy pellets that are providing electricity and heat to Europe.

All of this activity means there is a great deal of construction available with the Port of Beaumont: the Sabine / Neches waterway is being deepened and widened, a number of warehouses need to be built or updated, dirt work, revitalization of piers and docking facilities. Make contact now, so you have an opportunity to participate in these projects.

Are you looking for more articles about the individuals, companies, and institutions driving the Southeast Texas economy?

Stay tuned.

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The Port of Beaumont is a tremendous resource for Southeast Texas.

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