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Southeast Texas Industrial Services Guide KAT Excavation and ConstructionKAT Construction Southeast Texas excavation contractor

KAT Excavation and Construction has earned a wonderful reputation in the Golden Triangle construction community.

Have you put their team to work on your projects?

They have a reputation for:

  • Top quality excavation and dirt work
  • Roads that last and last
  • Top notch residential and commercial pads
  • On time hauling across Texas and Louisiana

In 2016, they won the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Trust. This is the major award bestowed by the BBB of Southeast Texas each year.

KAT Excavation and Construction BBB Torch Award Golden Triangle

Did you know there is a lot more to KAT Excavation & Construction than high quality excavation and dirt work?

Here is a list of the commercial construction services they provide Southeast Texas general contractors, industry, and oilfield companies:

  • KAT Excavation and Construction offers safe demolition and disposal of commercial buildings, parking lots, concrete slabs, residential property, and more.
  • Hauling Across the Golden Triangle. KAT Excavation and Construction has a fleet of dump trucks, Kenworth trucks, and commercial flat KAT Construction Bulldozer work Beaumont TXbed trailers they can use to get heavy equipment, pipe, commercial construction materials, pallets, and aggregate to your Southeast Texas commercial, industrial, or residential construction site.
  • SETX Site Prep. KAT Excavation & Construction can assist Southeast Texas contractors with preparation of Southeast Texas oil field sites, laydown yards, or new roads. KAT Construction offers precise and efficient dirt work, land grading, soil compaction, and grading of materials.
  • Southeast Texas Oil Field Services. KAT Construction can provide extensive services to their SETX oilfield partners. They offer land clearing, materials (roads, site prep, locations, tank pads, ring levees). KAT Construction can build board roads or rock roads at your SETX drilling site. KAT builds Southeast Texas oilfield tank pads, ring levees, reserve pads, and more. KAT maintains oilfield roads, drilling sites, Pipeline ROWS, and other areas for their SETX oil field clients. KAT Excavation and Construction assists their Golden Triangle oil field clients with detention of Southeast Texas oil spills, haul off, and soil replacement. KAT can also provide soil stabilization at/around your SETX drilling site. KAT also assists Southeast Texas oil field clients with reserve pit closure, spreading of drilling mud, and general cleanup of Golden Triangle drilling sites. Do you need an experienced excavation contractor for your Southeast Texas pipeline project? KAT Construction has an experienced team ready to go to work for you. KAT provides loading, hauling, and disposal of used drilling fluids for Golden Triangle drilling sites. KAT Construction also assists their SETX oilfield clients with drainage, culverts, and installation of cattle guards across Southeast TexasKAT Construction Oil Field Mat Hauling Beaumont TX
  • Southeast Texas Commercial and Industrial Construction Materials. Do you need soil, sand, aggregate, or landscaping stone? KAT Excavation and Construction has the materials you need in stock and ready to roll. They can deliver with their fleet of Southeast Texas dump trucks, Kenworths, and big industrial strength flat bed trailers. Whatever you are looking for, KAT Construction can help: clay, sand, top soil, limestone base, washed limestone, slag base, rip rap, Ag lime, pea gravel, asphalt, Southeast Texas landscaping stone, and more. Check the KAT Excavation and Construction website for a more comprehensive list.
  • Southeast Texas Land Clearing. KAT Construction and Excavation is experienced with all aspects of land clearing for Southeast Texas commercial and industrial construction projects. Whether you’re clearing a single space or a hundred acres, KAT Construction can clear and grub trees, brush, stumps, and debris. They can burn, mulch, or haul away debris to leave your site clean and ready for the next stage of your SETX construction project.
  • Southeast Texas Commercial Construction Consulting Services. KAT Construction can assist you with consulting on your next SETX commercial or industrial construction project: pads, storm sewers, roads, levees, or an entire commercial job site or residential neighborhood.

We hope today’s Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine article has informed you about the services KAT Excavation and Construction offers the Southeast Texas commercial and industrial community.

Kerry Trest and his team would love the opportunity to talk with you about your next Golden Triangle construction project and how the KAT Excavation and Construction teams can best serve you.

KAT Construction Pine Ridge Sand Southeast Texas

Southeast Texas Industrial Services Guide KAT Excavation and Construction

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Did you know KAT Excavation and Construction now has a materials yard in Jasper in addition to their Sour Lake facility?


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