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Are you looking for Southeast Texas commercial service providers you can depend on?

Today, we are highlighting Benchmark Plumbing, a leading SETX commercial plumbing contractor.

For Southeast Texas property managers, commercial property owners, and general contractors, it is essential to have “go to” local subcontractors that you can depend on.

Commercial Plumbing Company Southeast Texas

Benchmark Plumbing has made a name for providing outstanding service in the Southeast Texas commercial plumbing field.

Recently, we were able to catch owner Shuan VonFeldt to talk about trends in his profession.Benchmark Plumbing Port Arthur

Shuan has over fifteen years in the plumbing industry in Southeast Texas, most of that primarily focused on commercial and industrial plumbing.

His company is focused on service work – efficiently solving plumbing problems for his clients.

He has developed Benchmark Plumbing into the first call when plumbing issues arise for local grocery stores, restaurant chains, retail centers, and other commercial properties.

Benchmark Plumbing clients are people like you:

  • Southeast Texas commercial property owners
  • Golden Triangle property management companies
  • Small and medium SETX business owners
  • Southeast Texas industrial plants and refineries

Shuan takes pride in Benchmark Plumbing’s customer service and mastery of technology, but he credits their success with one simple philosophy, “We approach each job like we were performing it for a company we owned. If a client asks us to do something that we can make a lot of money on and we see a much less expensive solution, we educate the client. Often that means we don’t make nearly as much on that job – but they don’t hesitate to call us next time they need something.” Their clients also give them a lot of referrals.

Commercial Plumbing Company in Hardin County Tx

Does that sound like the kind of Southeast Texas plumbing company you’d like to work with?

Benchmark Plumbing is able to handle service work efficiently in part due to their mastery of technology including valuable tools like high resolution full color video inspection cameras and backflow testing gear.

If you have a problem drain or have been stumped trying to find a damaged pipe, Benchmark Plumbing can quickly identify the problem and show you exactly where the issue is and what it will take to get you back up and running.

Commercial Plumbing Company in Jefferson County Tx

Off site management firms and out of market commercial property owners love the system because Benchmark can EM them the video with narration that they can view anywhere in the world on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Benchmark Plumbing is also a go to firm for Southeast Texas industrial, agricultural, and commercial companies required by TCEQ to perform annual backflow testing. Shuan and his team have contracts to test make up water assemblies, irrigation systems, industrial plants, and more.

Benchmark Plumbing has also invested in the latest top of the line cabling machines to clear clogged up lines. Not only do they get you up and running faster, they fix the problem for their Southeast Texas plumbing clients rather than giving you a temporary resolution. If you’ve had to call other SETX plumbers out multiple times in a few weeks or even a few months, chances are Benchmark Plumbing can take care of your problem once and for all.

Commercial Plumber in Beaumont Tx

In the Southeast Texas commercial real estate market, Benchmark Plumbing has seen a big rise in management companies. Many local building owners are stepping back and turning over day to day operations over to offsite management companies. For Golden Triangle commercial service companies like plumbers, electricians, and AC firms, this presents a new set of challenges – and opportunities.

For Shuan VonFeldt, the key to success has been taking communication to the next level:

  • Be specific with diagnosing a client’s service issue.
  • Whenever possible, outline the cause of the issue so the management company can address it with the Southeast Texas commercial property owner or tenant.
  • If there are multiple ways the issue can be resolved, briefly summarize them and recommend a resolution that is in the best interest of the building and the management company.

Benchmark Plumbing Southeast Texas commercial plumber

In Southeast Texas, management companies may represent over 100 properties. Don’t try to maximize your profit on each job. Nurture the relationship for the long term, even if it means you don’t make much on some jobs or even if sometimes you don’t make anything, giving the onsite maintenance guy instructions over the phone on how to address the issue.

Commercial Plumbing Company Orange County Tx

When you get a bid request from a Southeast Texas property management company, give them the bid they are looking for, but don’t hesitate to speak up if there is a better or less expensive way to get the resolution they are seeking.

With a management company, you want to earn their trust so that you’re not handling the occasional job for them; you want to be seen as a valuable resource they want on all of their jobs.

Many SETX commercial property owners and property managers are not plumbing experts. That is okay. Too make sure you’re getting the service you want, Shuan recommends asking your SETX plumber questions, “If this was your building how would you address this problem” or “You’ve told me what it would cost to replace this system, what would it cost me to repair it?”.

Benchmark Plumbing SETX Commercial Plumbing

The second question can be especially valuable. Shuan acknowledged that across the Southeast Texas commercial services industries it is often easier for vendors to replace items than to repair them. You just unbolt one system and drop in a brand new one. However, for the client it is often much less expensive if you ask for the repair.

Just make sure you ask for options, and a good plumber, electrician, or AC company will help you get the best resolution for your needs.

We talked with Shuan VonFeldt about current or upcoming technology that would be of interest to the Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate community. He indicated that the biggest thing right now is moving to tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater Jefferson County Tx

Many people know tankless water heaters offer advantages in the residential market, but don’t think of them when it comes to their Southeast Texas commercial properties or projects.

Benchmark Plumbing has received great reviews for installing tankless water heaters across Southeast Texas from their commercial clients – retail centers, restaurants, grocery stores, and nursing homes.Tankless Water Heater Lumberton Tx

If you’re looking at replacing a water heater, Shuan recommends asking your SETX plumber for an analysis of your projected savings with a tankless system.

It can be a challenge to be successful in the commercial services sector in Southeast Texas.

Shuan believes companies will have success if they approach each job like it was for their own business, “If I was fixing this and the money was coming out of my pocket, how would I do it?”

Commercial Plumbing Company Port ArthurIf you’re looking for a go to Southeast Texas commercial plumbing company, Shuan VonFeldt and Benchmark Plumbing would love to work with you.

Call Shuan with questions, recommendations, or to come out and review your needs.

If you’d like references, a number of Benchmark Plumbing clients would be happy to share their experiences.


Benchmark Plumbing SETX Commercial Plumbing company


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