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On today’s Golden Triangle Commercial Real Estate Tips, we share thoughts from one of our Beaumont Commercial Realtors on why you might want to consider a 1031 Real Estate Exhange.

Thank-you to 1031 Exchange SETXLee Wheeler of Wheeler Commercial for explaining this valuable tool:

Completing a successful real estate exchange takes more patience and hard work than it does to arrange a straight purchase and sale. Some property owners and their agents simply do not understand the benefits of an exchange or are worried about the strict requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.

The main benefit of a tax-free exchange is just that – freedom from a tax. The gain that could be realized by one or both of the principals in the transaction does not need to be recognized at the time of the closing. The tax is deferred until the property owner makes a taxable disposition of the new property at some later time.

Southeast Texas commercial property owners can make a series of exchanges and can defer tax indefinitely. Upon death, if the property ends up in the estate of this owner and a stepped-up basis is achieved, some tax may be avoided permanently.

The benefit from the tax post­ponement is apparent. The owner can reinvest the full equity, including gains, in other property without any decrease in value due to tax payments.

1031 Exchange Beaumont Tx

Lee Wheeler, Wheeler Commercial

In effect, the government extends an interest-free loan to the investor, who then is able to obtain leverage over and above that obtained from regular mortgage financing.

In addition to the tax benefits, an exchange (tax free or not) can be by Southeast Texas commercial property owners used as a financing tool, since it permits the substitution of real estate equity for cash.

There are many other reasons for SETX property owners to exchange properties.

Following are a few of the most common reasons for a 1031 Real Estate Exchange:

  • Exchange between land and improved property. Some owners of income producing improved property would like to exchange for raw land with potential for long-term appreciation. Their depreciation deductions may be low and the non-depreciation land is not a problem. If the investor chooses land with a good growth potential, he has put the full amount of his equity into another investment. (The owner of the land transfers equity into a property which gives immediate income, and also may now depreciate part of the original basis in the land.)
  • Exchange for more easily financed property. An investor can exchange for property that is capable of supporting a mortgage with a higher loan-to-value ratio. For example, property that qualifies for a mortgage not exceeding 50% of its value might be exchanged for a property on which a lender will make an 80% loan. Therefore, after the exchange, an additional 3 0% of the equity can be released in cash for other uses. The exchange can be tax-free, as is a re-fi­nance of a property already owned.
  • Real estate buyers who are short of cash. If a buyer does not have required cash for a purchase, and is unable to get an adequate mortgage, the seller usually will not accept the offer or will extend a large purchase money mortgage. An exchange means he can take other desirable property of the buyer in lieu of taking back a mortgage. The seller may also defer all or part of the gains tax that would have been due on a sale.

1031 Exchange Questions Beaumont Tx

  • Acquire more desirable property. When a property has been on the market for some time without a buyer, the owner may be able to exchange for another that can be sold for cash more readily. Care must be taken in this type of cash out exchange, because if there is intent to resell the acquired property immediately, the tax free exchange rules do not apply. (The new property must be acquired as a property to be held for business or investment in order to qualify.) But since the original property was held for sale (and presumably the gains tax was going to be paid on sale) the seller’s accountant may find that the tax to be paid is the same after either transaction. The other owner in the transaction may make a fully tax-free exchange.
  • Acquire larger income property. In this example, a Southeast Texas commercial property owner has a 10-unit apartment building that is too small for an on-site manager. The income is desirable and a sale would be costly because of a large gain. The equity should be exchanged up into a larger apartment property that would adapt to professional management. The new property could have increased income to cover larger loans and manage­ment fees. The step-up in the commercial property owners’ basis could give a larger depreciation. After the transaction the owner can have the same or higher income and be relieved of having to handle day to day Southeast Texas property management problems.

1031 Exchange info Southeast Texas

SETX Commercial Real Estate News1031 Real Estate Exchange

Many in the Southeast Texas commercial real estate community regularly use 1031 exchanges to grow their business.

To learn more about this amazing wealth building strategy speak with your real estate advisor, CPA and Southeast Texas commercial real estate attorney.

Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Note: Currently there are several tax revision plans on the table to do away with the 1031 exchange. Keep a close watch on future developments and get professional help to move forward, but until any changes are made, the 1031 is one of the best wealth building tools you have available.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Tips.

Thank-you to Lee Wheeler and his team at Wheeler Commercial for providing today’s analysis of the benefits of 1031 exchanges.

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  • (409) 899-3300

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Is a 1031 exchange the right tool to continue growing your Southeast Texas commercial real estate empire?

Ask your CPA, attorney, and your Southeast Texas commercial real estate advisor.

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