Networking Events Beaumont TX – Visit the Southeast Texas Networkers on Tuesday

Networking Events Beaumont TX

Visit the Southeast Texas Networkers on Tuesday

If you’re looking to join an active Beaumont Texas referral group, consider the Southeast Texas Networkers.

The Southeast Texas Networkers meets each Tuesday to pass qualified referrals between members.

On a typical week over forty referrals will be exchanged, with a large percentage turning into closed business for members.


Members represent a wide range of Southeast Texas businesses, primarily owners, senior management, and marketing reps.

Here is a small sample of current members:bni-southeast-texas-networkers-robert-currie-and-karen-glidden

  • Karen Glidden, Owner Cardinal Property Services. Parking Lot Sweeping & Striping
  • Byron Jacquette, Owner US Lawns of Beaumont. Commercial Landscaping
  • Daryl Fant, Owner SETX Advertising. Southeast Texas Refined Magazine, Southeast Texas Family Magazine, SETX Seniors Resource Guide
  • Keith Robichau, R&P Employer Solutions.Payroll and benefits contractor.

Visitors are encouraged, and you are welcome to be my guest.

There is no commitment – visit once or twice and network with potential clients and referral partners with NO obligation.

If you like what you see, you’ll be given information to review about applying for membership.

There is value in Beaumont referral groups.

They offer the opportunity to build strong relationships with other businesses and to put their network of contacts to work for you.

If you’ve been looking for one that is the just right fit for you, make a visit to the Southeast Texas Networkers.

  • Beaumont networking meetings are held every Tuesday
  • 11:15a – 1p
  • 2455 Commerce Street in Beaumont

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We’d love to have you.

If you call ahead and let me know what kind of businesses you’d like to meet, I will meet you at the beginning of the meeting and introduce you in person. 512-567-8068.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Networking Events Beaumont TXVisit the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers on Tuesday.

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Would you like more information about SETX Networking opportunities?

Stay tuned to

SETX Advertising chronicles marketing opportunities across the Golden Triangle.

We’ll feature new opportunities to network with other Southeast Texas business owners and management each month.

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