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Outsource Payroll, Benefits, Workers Comp – and Stress!

employee benefits Beaumont, employee benefits outsourcing Beaumont TX, Southeast Texas payroll companies, payroll service Golden Triangle TX, SETX payroll companies, workers comp Beaumont, workers comp Southeast Texas, SETX workders comp outsourcing,This is a time of tremendous growth for your company.

What comes hand in hand with success? Increased demands on your time.

The hassles of dealing with payroll and HR functions increase with each new employee.

Is it time to look at outsourcing some of your least favorite tasks like payroll, dealing with payroll and employee benefits?

In Southeast Texas, many companies turn to R&P Employer Solutions for help.

R&P Employer Solutions, Inc. is a licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) located in Beaumont, Texas that provides a wide-range of HR related services to clients across the state.

Business owners tell us they spend from 40 – 60% of their time working on HR related issues. Isn’t management’s time better spent taking care of their customers and growing their business. As a PEO firm, R&P Employer Solutions provides payroll and so much more:

  • Become responsible for paying 940 – 941’semployee benefits Southeast Texas, employee benefits SETX, employee benefit outsourcing Beaumont TX, HR Beaumont TX, HR Port Arthur
  • Provide W-2
  • Post mandatory state and federal posters
  • Keep owners abreast of any new state and federal laws
  • Update employee handbooks and provide safety literature
  • Handle any employee garnishments
  • Process unemployment claim
  • provide full HR service
  • make available a spectrum of benefits for you and your employees based on group rates, i.e., medical insurance, worker’s comp, etc.

As a PEO firm, R&P Employer Solutions shares with the business owner the responsibility and liability of having employees.

R&P Employer Solutions provides ALL of these PEO services at affordable processing rates which only a licensed PEO can guarantee.

Call and they will answer any questions you may have about a PEO/Payroll company.

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Let them demonstrate why they are growing our business year-over-year with a long list of satisfied clients that appreciate their expertise, locally owned/managed attitude of doing business,  integrity and reliability, account management skills, and strong record of saving their clients money.

  • R&P Employer SolutionsSoutheast Texas PEO Serving construction, industrial, restaurant, and hotels
  • Keith Robichau, COO
  • (409) 838-1220
  • Keith@RPES.biz
  • SETXPayroll.com
  • 3280 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont TX

You can get help you your payroll and employee benefits in Southeast Texas – call R&P Employer Solutions today.

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Are you ready for help with your workers comp in Southeast Texas?

Call R&P Employer Solutions today! (409) 838-1220

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