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Business Networking Opportunities Southeast Texas – BNI Southeast Texas Networkers Meet Every Tuesday

Refined Magazine is all about helping you grow your business and to increase the BNI Port Arthurvalue and profitability of your Golden Triangle commercial property.

Today on Southeast Networking News, we highlight a local Southeast Texas referral group that assists local business owners in both of these areas 52 weeks a year, the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers.

The Southeast Texas Networkers are a branch of BNI – Business Network International.

“What you know is important”, but never underestimate the power of “who you know”.

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”. If I refer you to your next big client, you’ll be eager to do the same for me.

If you visit a meeting, you’ll see “Givers Gain” at work – business owners in this Southeast Texas referral group are happy to refer their best clients to other non-competing businesses.

Each week, members of the Southeast Texas Networkers meet and share referrals. The electrician refers business to the waste management company who refers business to the commercial general contractor who refers business to the commercial landscaper who refers business to the commercial realtor who refers business to the….

As you can imagine, these referrals are very valuable to Southeast Texas businesses.BNI in Beaumont Tx

One of the advantages of this Southeast Texas referral group is that there is only one business from each category – one electrician, one residential realtor, one parking lot sweeping company, one roof cleaning company, one hospice company, one home health company, etc.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, visit the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers for their weekly meeting:

  • Tuesdays
  • 11:15
  • Calvary Tabernacle – Next to Salvation Army in Beaumont
  • 2455 Commerce Street in Beaumont
  • Announce “I’m a guest of Daryl Fant and Refined Magazine“. You’ll be made welcome and introduced to other business owners.
  • Bring business cards to pass to the people you meet- including your next great referral partner.

Being part of a Southeast Texas referral group can really give you an advantage over your competition.

Call with any questions: Daryl Fant. (512) 567-8068

BNI Beaumont Tx

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We hope today’s edition of Southeast Texas Networking News has been helpful.

If you’ve been looking for a team of fellow business owners who can refer you to your next client, visit the Southeast Texas Networkers Tuesdays at 11:15.

Just say, “I’m a guest of Daryl Fant and Refined Magazine and you’ll be made welcome.

We’d love to have you visit and to see how much your business can benefit by being a part of this wonderful Southeast Texas referral group.

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